Sioux Lookout Snowarama

Saturday, January 26, 2019
Ojibway Power Toboggan Association Club House, Sioux Lookout

Sioux Lookout

Our Snowarama event starts at the Ojibway Power Toboggan Association Clubhouse, 108 Abram Lake road for registration at 8:30 am. Leaving the clubhouse by 9:30 am with a brief stop in Hudson. Then continuing on to Pizza Hut in Dryden via the “A” Trail. After lunch, pictures and fuel. We are back on the “A” Trail with our return ride to Hudson/Sioux and the OPTA clubhouse. (Please note the approx total distance of the event is 220 km. Please fill your fuel tank.)

Funds raised at the 2019 Sioux Lookout-Hudson, Red Lake Snowarama will help provide children with physical disabilities with essential mobility and communication equipment, as well as summer camping opportunities at Easter Seals’ two fully accessible camps. It can cost families up to $40,000 a year to raise a child with a physical disability and most families can’t do it on their own. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids would not be a success without the support of the snowmobiling community. We sincerely hope we can count on your participation this year.

For more information please contact Mike Starratt at 807.737.4777, Tracey Ellek at 807.737.3050 or Rhonda Harrison at 807.345.7622, toll-free at 1.800.267.3778 or

Event Schedule

9:00 a.m. Registration at Ojibway Power Toboggan Association Club House